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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I Love Snail Mail

Hey all!
It's been awhile I didn't write. 
I really love penpalling. I've been penpalling since I was 14. And I stop when I was studying in Penang. Now the feeling to write 'visit' me again. 
 See... This is from Sumie Ishida (Japan). We started to write each other this year. I got her addy from one of free website ( . I tried my luck and she wrote back. Surprise! Surprise..! She knew alot about Malaysia (looks like she googled or did a lot of reading). That's good... Will try my best to explain more about Malaysia to her. 
Before this I have 1 penpal from Singapore and her name is Penny Foo. She loves to write long letters and I love reading them. We've been pal for a few years already and she wouldn't mind if I reply late to her. But hey... Better late than never right? I always write back to my penpals no matter what... It's just depend on time. Sometimes we're busy and sometimes we're not. And when we're not... That's the time I write.
So... Let's write. 
I love the feeling receiving and sending mails. :-) 
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