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Monday, June 1, 2015

Washi Tape

Hello all!
Look what I've bought... Washi tapes! Hahaha... I went to Popular Bookstore in Star Parade (Alor Setar) yesterday and found those cute washi. There's no washi tape in Popular KB Mall. :( I wish they have more washi in KB Mall. It's easier for me. I don't have to buy online which is much more higher price. 
Then I bought this lip gloss. Besides washi, i also love lip gloss. Kira cam addicted to both la. Lip gloss ni kalau beli online... Mahai... Ni boleh dpt cheaper la. Bila try... Boleh kopek selaput dia. And the result... It's a NO No for me. Benda yang meremehkan ni bukan untuk tuan tanah ok. Tapi org kata lippie ni tahan lama... xtau la kebenarannya... Cuba u all try. 

Actually my family and I are in Kedah now. It's a school holiday but my husband has a course here so we follow him and stay at the hotel with him. 
So... Out now. We're going to the pool. 

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